Fort St. John

May 18, 2016 - We have offered the assistance of our Mobile Support Team to the Emergency Services responding to the Fort St. John fires. We were considered but were not deployed. All evacuation orders were rescinded.

Fort McMurray

May 4, 2016 We have offered the assistance of our Mobile Support Team to the Emergency Services in Alberta responding to the Fort McMurray situation. CDART is unable to deploy unless requested by the responding authority.


La Ronge Saskatchewan Wildfire

July 09, 2015  2100 hours (9pm) - CDART reached out to Northern Animal Rescue Humane Society to offer support in the effort to help animals from evacuated communities in northern Saskatchewan. Our national coordinator received a phone call this morning and discussed the situation with Joanne.

They are sheltering some animals that have been evacuated as well as providing maintenance for animals still remaining in La Ronge. CDART sent our Animal Intake Form and Action Request Form for them to assist with their response. They are doing a good job with the resources and training available to them.

CDART does not self-deploy so we cannot provide a mobile support team without authorization from local authorities. We have offered logistical support by cell phone 24/7 for the duration of their response. They have also requested training after the summer wildfire season.


6.7 Magnitude Earthquake on Vancouver Island

April 23, 2014 - A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has hit Vancouver Island. We have contacted EMBC and were told we are not needed at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation, and teams will deploy if requested.


Alberta Flooding 2013

CDART is actively monitoring the flood situation in Alberta. We have offered our expertise in disaster response and sheltering, and are working with government agencies to receive the authorization to deploy.



  • a mud slide threatened a condominium complex in Penticton
  • a house burned in Lake Country
  • a Surrey, B.C., apartment complex burned
  • the Similkameen River Ice Jam occurred
  • the Fraser River freshet threatened (2007)
  • the Tatoosh Fire approached Princeton (2006)
  • in 1996, CDART volunteers participated in the Similkameen Flood Watch.

If you have any questions or wish to assist the response and recovery effort, please contact our mobile support coordinator at info@cdart.org

We will be posting updates if and when they happen.