Preparing a First Aid Kit For Your Pet

In addition to having a 72-hour emergency kit for your family, you should also prepare one for your pet. Preparing in advance will increase the likelihood that your pet remains safe and healthy during an emergency. Your pet survival kit should include:

  • 72-hour food supply including bowls and a can opener
  • 72-hour water supply
  • Leash, harness, muzzle
  • Pet carrier
  • Medical/vaccination records, medication and veterinarian contact information - always keep copies of these in your grab 'n go kit
  • ID tags and micro chip number
  • Blankets and toys
  • An X-pen if you have room

Remember where you keep this grab 'n go kit. In case you are away from home and someone else (a friend or emergency animal organization such as CDART) comes to evacuate your pet, let them know where this kit is so they can bring it out with your pet.


Make sure this is packed and ready to go in case you need to leave
at a moment's notice.