CDART offers a basic introductory training course and in-depth training courses for volunteers.

Volunteer Requirements

The basic training requirements that a new volunteer must complete in order to be qualified to take part in a disaster response are:

Until the above are completed, you can still be a volunteer with CDART and work in many different capacities during non-disaster times. During an actual disaster response, you would be able to participate in a somewhat limited capacity as a convergent volunteer.

Additional Training

There is more in-depth training which prepares members to function as a team and to physically perform in a disaster with specific animals. In addition, CDART members attend conferences and meetings where they are participants or speakers, or both.

Some of the additional training opportunities include:

Calendar of Events and Training Dates is COMING SOON!

In the meantime, please email info@cdart.org to find out more about additional training opportunities.