Fort St. John

May 18, 2016 - We have offered the assistance of our Mobile Support Team to the Emergency Services responding to the Fort St. John fires. We were considered but were not deployed. All evacuation orders were rescinded.

Fort McMurray

May 4, 2016 - We have offered the assistance of our Mobile Support Team to the Emergency Services in Alberta responding to the Fort McMurray situation. CDART is unable to deploy unless requested by the responding authority.


We will post further information as it becomes available.

CDART has been in communication with the government of Alberta.

Alberta SPCA is lead for the agencies evacuating/rescuing pets that remained behind in Fort McMurray. Many other agencies are assisting with the response.

Alberta SPCA is also the lead for livestock response.

If evacuees are missing animals, you need to report it using this form:

Members of the public wanting to help can complete the form on the AARCS site:

Various groups assisting with the response also have their own forms to fill out.

If you would like to offer assistance...

Please understand,

  • the safety of our Volunteers, including Convergent Volunteers is our primary concern, even during a disaster.
  • We must take the time to ensure that the animals we are helping are safely and securely transported and sheltered.

It is going to take longer for this process to happen, but it will happen and the quicker the better.


If you want to provide a safe place for animals in a disaster, download, print and fill out our

Request to Foster Form

Once that form is received by us either by snail mail or email, we would schedule in a team to visit your property to confirm. Once that is done and it is clear that you understand what you may or may not do with animals that belong to someone else according to CDART Policy & Procedure, we will put you in our database.


If you want to come on as a Volunteer with CDART, download, print and fill out our

CDART Volunteer Registration Form
On this form, you should include your skill set or add a page if necessary.

Once this form is received by us either by snail mail or email, you will be personally notified when and where the next training is if you miss it on our website. We normally don't train groups under 10 people but we have been so mindful of recruiting good volunteers that we even did a training of 8 volunteers recently.

If you have a large enough group of people interested in training, we will set up a training course date in your area.


If you want to haul for us during disasters, download, print and fill out our

CDART Volunteer Hauler Form

Once this form is received by us either by snail mail or email, one of our Safety Officers and another CDART Volunteer will visit you and have a look at your truck/trailer to ensure safety.

We are currently working on rebuilding our website, on which these forms will be available to fill out and submit directly online. The new site should be launched in September 2017.

2015 Responses

La Ronge Saskatchewan Wildfire  - July 09, 2015  2100 hours (9pm)
CDART reached out to Northern Animal Rescue Humane Society to offer support to the effort to help animals from evacuated communities in northern Saskatchewan. Our national coordinator received a phone call this morning and discussed the situation with Joanne.

They are sheltering some animals that have been evacuated as well as providing maintenance for animals still remaining in La Ronge. CDART sent our Animal Intake Form and Action Request Form for them to assist with their response. They are doing a good job with the resources and training available to them.

CDART does not self-deploy so we cannot provide a mobile support team without authorization from local authorities. We have offered logistical support by cell phone 24/7 for the duration of their response. They have also requested training after the summer wildfire season.

Sunrise Apartments fire, Maple Ridge, March 21, 2015

Our CDART SW Volunteers have been actively responding to a fire in Maple Ridge today. At roughly 6 a.m. Saturday, calls came in about an explosion at Sunrise Apartments building at 22292 122nd Ave., north of Dewdney Trunk Road.

Soon after, there were "multiple calls" and a second alarm was called. There was a full response by all Maple Ridge Fire Department personnel and help came from Pitt Meadows Fire Department as well.

Commander Cheryl Rogers and CDART SW Coordinator Heather Ferguson and their team of 5 Volunteers deployed at 0900H to the site to support ESS Maple Ridge. A temporary facility was set up to intake animals at the Reception Centre at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre.

The team were escorted by the Maple Ridge Fire Department to respond to Action Requests for a bearded dragon, a finch, a multitude of cats, a blind gerbil, a ball python, a cockatiel, 2 budgies, a leopard gecko, all of whom have been safely evacuated. A trap has been set up for one indoor/outdoor cat who is unaccounted for.

CDART wishes to acknowledge Katie's Place Animal Shelter for their assistance with supplies and crates. No further supplies are required at this time.

Financial donations are most appreciated and can be sent to:
CDART Head Office
Box 235 - 113 - 437 Martin Street, Penticton V2A 5L1
and marked "Maple Ridge Fire".

Sunrise Apartments fire, Maple Ridge, March 21, 2015

2014 Responses

6.7 Magnitude Earthquake on Vancouver Island

April 23, 2014 - a magnitude 6.7 earthquake has hit Vancouver Island. We have contacted EMBC and were told we are not needed at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation, and teams will deploy if requested.


2013 Responses

Alberta Flooding 2013

CDART is actively monitoring the flood situation in Alberta. We have offered our expertise in disaster response and sheltering, and are working with government agencies to receive the authorization to deploy.

If you have any questions or wish to assist the response and recovery effort, please contact our mobile support coordinator at

We will be posting updates if and when they happen.


Past Disaster Responses

CDART® was called in when:

  • a mud slide threatened a condominium complex in Penticton
  • a house burned in Lake Country
  • a Surrey, B.C., apartment complex burned
  • the Similkameen River Ice Jam occurred
  • the Fraser River freshet threatened (2007)
  • the Tatoosh Fire approached Princeton (2006)
  • in 1996, CDART volunteers participated in the Similkameen Flood Watch.





Jade Mine Road/Yalacom Valley Wildfire, Lillooet, July 2010

July 29, 2010 11:00am

CDART has been called to assist with animal rescue and sheltering.  Our Mobile Support Team is heading to Lillooet, to the ESS reception centre set up at the Lillooet Recreation Centre.

Other links: Jade Mine Road/Yalacom Valley Wildfire on the BC Wildfire web site




Hurricane Katrina 2005

Hurricanes 2005 

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated parts of Louisiana and Mississippi in 2005, members of CDART were there helping with animals left in the aftermath.  CDART Coordinator Cheryl Rogers, volunteering just outside of New Orleans, arranged for six FIV+ cats to find refuge at Critteraid in Summerland, B.C. as well as refuge for a number of pitbulls.  Two of those dogs were later reunited with their family from Louisiana.


Penticton Building Fires, 2005

Cat rescued from Apartment building Fire

In May of 2005, two cats stranded in a condominium building fire in Penticton, BC were rescued by CDART volunteers escorted into the building by local firefighters. 

An apartment building fire in Penticton displaced several pets that were found temporary housing until they could return to their owners. And when there was a gas leak at another housing complex, CDART was called in to help.  Special thanks to the Lindsey Veterinary Hospital in Penticton, BC for opening their hospital doors to shelter animals in the middle of the night!



Summer 2003 Strawberry Hill Firestorm 2003 

The summer of 2003 was fraught with several serious forest fires in BC.  CDART volunteers, working as Noah's Wish volunteers, traveled from Osoyoos in the south to 100 Mile House in the north.  Volunteers devoted weeks to rescuing and finding housing for displaced animals and set up emergency animal intake facilities, worked at reception centres, worked at the Kamloops KXA and the Kamloops SPCA and worked extensively with Ministry of Agriculture personnel to ensure the safe sheltering and return of livestock to their homes after the disasters were over.



fawn evacuated from wildlife refuge Mount Ida fire Salmon Arm 1998

Mount Ida, Salmon Arm, B.C. 1998 

In 1998 various animals were rescued from the Mount Ida forest fire near Salmon Arm, BC.  CDART volunteers evacuated the Kee-Two Wildlife Refuge in Canoe and arranged for billeting of skunks, a fawn, owls, hawks, raccoons, horses and chickens throughout the Okanagan.



Garnett Fire 1994 survivor of Garnet fire surrendered to CrittraidGarnet Fire, Penticton 1994

In July of 1994 the Garnet Fire threatened Penticton, BC.  Many pets were rescued as this interface fire raged for several days.  It was the first significant disaster in British Columbia and much learning and preparation resulted as a result of the experience that our volunteers received during this fire.