Be Prepared!

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Are you prepared to take care of your pet when disaster strikes? If not, NOW is the time to make your plans.

Before an Evacuation

In addition to having a 72-hour emergency kit for your family, you should also prepare one for your pet. Preparing in advance will increase the likelihood that your animals remain safe and healthy during an emergency. Your pet survival kit should include:

View more detailed lists here.

Make sure this is packed and ready to go in case you need to leave
on a moment's notice.

Remember where you keep this grab 'n go kit. In case you are away from home and someone else (a friend or emergency animal organization such as CDART) comes to evacuate your animals, let them know where this kit is so they can bring it out with your pet.

Find out:


If your local area does not have a group on record for your district to assist animals during emergencies, you can contact CDART to come in and help train people to set up a CDART chapter in your area.

During an Evacuation

If emergency officials order your community to evacuate to a safer location, it’s important to know that support is available for pets.

If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for pets
so don't leave them behind

Experienced animal volunteers at Emergency Social Services evacuation reception centres will receive any pets and move them to a safe place where they will be cared for until you’re able to return home.

Make the evacuation reception centre your first point of contact and ask them to put you in touch with the
animal assistance organization

Packing Lists

Stock up on items that you will need so you will not get caught unprepared. In the links below, you will find handy shopping lists for you to use. The next time you buy food or supplies for your pet, take this list with you. Don't put off doing what you should do now - it may just make the difference between being able to keep your pet alive when a disaster strikes.

If you have any questions about how to plan for emergency preparedness for your pet, please contact us at!

Household Preparation

26 Weeks to Family Emergency Preparedness
Below is a document prepared by the Provincial Emergency Program on little things you can do each week for 26 weeks in order to ensure your household is fully prepared in case a disaster happens. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming for us to prepare an entire emergency plan all at once, so breaking it up into smaller tasks over a longer period of time makes the process easier!

Download the 26 Weeks to Family Emergency Preparedness PDF

Below is a lighthearted video that illustrates the 10 steps to household emergency preparedness planning.  This video comes to us by way of Vancouver Emergency Social Services:

If you like this video or want to comment on it, click on this link to go directly to You Tube. Dean Karalekas is an amateur videographer, JIBC student and volunteer with the Vancouver ESS program. As part of his JIBC studies, Dean put together this video which covers many of the emergency preparedness principles they try to get out to the public in a very different way.